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Rock Drilling Jar developed by a team of industry professionals with proven combined track record of more than 100 years in Oil and Gas Industry. The team’s technical know-how for better understanding of the drilling challenges faced by the industry helped develop Rock Drilling Jars with advanced features. IOGS has the expertise to develop and supply equipment at the most competitive price and superior specifications to meet project requirements.

  • Rock Drilling Jars are designed and manufactured to perform under severe drilling conditions including extreme wells such as deep, complex, extended reach, horizontal and harsh environments.
  • Rock Drilling Jars are provided secure, reliable and durable operations providing high impact as and when required regardless of whether it is run in tension or compression at any section of the hole.
  • Rock Drilling Jars deliver variable hitting loads and extended periods of continuous jarring, providing reliability and long operating life in a wide range of drilling conditions and hostile environments.
  • Rock Drilling Jar with its unique design combines both a hydraulic time delay release and mechanical latch which is simple to operate without the risk of unexpected jarring.

Specifications of Drilling Jars

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Features List

  • Most advanced hydraulic design provides maximum performance
  • Robust body construction makes the jar as strong as other BHA elements which increases the reliability
  • Advanced seal design permits extended field service cycle
  • No unexpected jarring – reducing damage to surface and downhole equipment
  • Simple to operate – No safety clamps or special handling procedures
  • Placement in BHA is less restricted. Jar can be used in tension or compression within the limits of the latch setting.
  • Linear latch – Not affected by torque and hence can be used in high torque generated hole sections
  • Separate spline, latch and hydraulic chambers – Prevents contamination of fluid in the hydraulic chamber
  • Hydraulic delay timings relatively constant even after prolonged jarring
  • Fully sealed – Lubricated for longer service life

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